It sounds like it should be easy - holding various pretty standard poses for a long time and concentrating on stillness and breath - but in fact it is extremely challenging, at times the sweat is pouring off me as though from the spout of a pitcher! I really like this class - para-inspired flow yoga - teacher Keri is training now with Rod Stryker. The meditation component is especially helpful to me - I liked the breathing exercise we ended with today and am just going to note it down here so that I can remember it for times I can't fall asleep!

10 x each, even steady breath

(1) inhale at count of 4, exhale at count of 6
(2) inhale at count of 4, exhale at count of 8
(3) inhale at count of 4, exhale at count of 8 plus 2 hold
(4) inhale at count of 4, exhale at count of 10

1.25hr flow yoga
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