Evolution/Maturation Of The Cycling Brain


This weekend I rode with Marcos Mazzola Lazzarotto , a cat 2 racer from the Integrated Sports Medicine Cycling Team who recently moved to the area with his wife. I came across him through the Virginia Tech Cycling Team listserve as I was looking for a cyclist whose brain I could "pick". I wanted to know how a competitive cyclist approached training and racing and what they think about when they are putting down those miles. ( In human factors research, it's the "think aloud" method of data collection !) I was ready to have a few new things to mentally chew on and I got those today.

When I first got my bike in June 2009, I thought only about two things:
  1. Pedal.
  2. Get through stoplights and stop signs without falling over.
By the 2010 race season, I was ready for the next phase of the "evolution of my cycling brain" and with Coach Jim's help, I added a few more things to think about:
  1. Shoot for a 90'ish cadence.
  2. Get aero as much as possible, especially down hills.
  3. Pedal full circles.
 Last year I took it up another notch and into my little cycling play book went things ...
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